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Dated: 10/17/2016

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Ok, today, this post is off the cuff.  Just my thoughts, ramblings (I hope not!)!

I was asked recently, "Janet, how do you find a Realtor that is actually good and that I can relate to?"

GREAT question!  Agents are everywhere and are hoping for your business!  New agents and experienced ones - and all levels in between!

Here's, the deal!  

1.  You need an agent who actually WANTS to work with YOU and relates with your current situation and your plans for the future!   You will get that gut feeling when you talk with someone who maybe has knowledge BUT there is just something not right... PASS!  Really, pass on that agent!   Nothing worse than being in a car with an agent who isn't on your page!

2.  Do you know that you can work with an agent who will REPRESENT YOU!?  In Florida, all agents are Transaction Agents.  They are working for the Transaction - and have to deal fairly with both parties.  BUT, you CAN HAVE an agent who works FOR YOU - as a SINGLE AGENT (whether you are a buyer or seller).  That agent is beholden to YOU - represents YOU, while dealing honesty and fairly with the other party.

3.  Financing - you need an agent who KNOWS LENDERS and can help you find one that will best fit with your situation!  First time buyer, VA, no cash, little cash, Exchanges, investments ... There are lots of angles and needs!  A good agent will encourage you to get your financing in order right away - first thing - so you know what you can afford.  A good agent will know many lenders and who specializes in what YOU need!  A GREAT agent will then show you homes that you can afford and that meets your daily living needs and desires.  YOUR home IS out there!

4.  Communication.  GOOD communication between you and your agent is so very important!  You don't want to be sitting at home wondering "Is my agent working for me today?"  "What's happening?".   It may be a telephone call, a text, or an email - but your agent MUST be a good communicator!  It only takes a minute to touch base - and isn't that so appreciated!  Makes everyone's day smoother and more pleasant!

What else... there are so many thoughts running through my head.  Basically, find an agent who will work with you the way you need.  Move on or fire an agent who just isn't cutting it!  It's alright!  Not everyone will be right for you, or for them!  Know when it is good and go for it!  THEN BE LOYAL TO YOUR AGENT!

All the best,


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